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* If a date of death is recorded, that is the date that is used in the search. If there is no date of death recorded, then the date of burial is used, if recorded. Please note that of the 6239 records in the database, 887 of them do not have a date of death or a date of burial recorded. If you leave both text boxes above blank, then you will retrieve all records that match your search criteria, including those that do not have a date of death or burial recorded. If you are searching by year, enter 'none' (without the quotes) in the first year text box to search only those records that do not have a date entered.
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These records have been provided by the Bremen Clerk's office. If you have questions regarding these records, please contact the Town Clerk, Bremen, Indiana.

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  • Search by Last Name: Enter the last name in the Last Name text box. Leave the selection to the right of the Last Name text box set at 'Use Soundex' to include similar sounding names. For example, a Soundex search for Borkholder, will include Burkholder, as well as Burkhalter and Bruegel. If you select 'Exact Spelling' you would only get those that match the exact spelling you have entered. Remember that names may have changed over time or may have been mispelled in the original documents.
  • Search by Year of Death or Burial: Enter a year in the first text box and leave the second box blank to search for everything from one year. Enter a year in the second text box to search for records from a range of years. The results will include records from the first year through the second year.
  • Search by Year of Birth: Click on the 'Year of Death or Burial' selection box and select 'Year of Birth'. Enter a year in the first box to the right, and optionally, for a range of years, enter a year in the second box.
  • Search by Location: Choose a Section and enter a Lot or Row. This may be useful if you have already found one record and want to find adjacent burials.
  • Search by First or Middle Name: Enter a first or middle name in the First or Middle Name text box.

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