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How to sync your place and bookmarks across multiple devices with OverDrive app

With OverDrive app (3.x), you can sync your progress and bookmarks for downloaded eBooks, audiobooks, and streaming videos across multiple devices, as long as:

  1. You're signed into your OverDrive account (the same one on each device).
  2. You've downloaded the title or added the streaming video to the OverDrive app.
  3. You have an active internet connection.

As long as you meet all three requirements, your progress and bookmarks will automatically sync when you open or close a title in the OverDrive app. Note, you first need to download the title from your library account to each device.

If you are using OverDrive Read and/or OverDrive Listen, syncing is with your library account and will be done when you open titles on any device with an active internet connection.

Problems with Syncing?

When our Library first started offering OverDrive in 2012, it used an Adobe ID for Digital Rights Management (DRM). Patrons who installed the OD app prior to September 16, 2014 (versions less than 3.2) were required to create a free Adobe ID to read ebooks checked out with their library card.

On September 16, 2014, OverDrive announced version 3.2 of their app would eliminate the Adobe Authorization step from the app installation process. First-time users of the OverDrive app (v 3.2+) are now be required to create an OverDrive account upon installation. However, for users who have already installed the OverDrive app prior to v 3.2, there is no change even after they update to the newest version. This means that you may be running a newer version of OverDrive (3.2+) with an Adobe ID authorization if you had initially installed the app prior to Sept 2014 and the app has been updated. If you do a new OverDrive app installation (not an update) using OverDrive v 3.2 or greater, you are prompted to create or use an existing Overdrive account. That OverDrive account is then used for DRM on that device unless you have taken specific steps to convert the authorization to your Adobe ID. Note that an Adobe ID and an OverDrive account are two separate accounts even if they use the same email address and password.

What Does it Matter?

You can enjoy downloaded OverDrive books using either an Adobe ID or an OverDrive account. However, if you want to sync your OverDrive app progress and bookmarks across multiple devices they must be authorized with your OverDrive account, not an Adobe ID.

How to Check/Change Authorization

To check the authorization of your OverDrive app, go to the app settings. You will see either your Adobe ID or OverDrive account details. To get to your Settings, either tap the menu icon in the upper left corner to reveal the menu (v 3.0+), or tap the menu button, then select App Settings (versions 2.x). If you do not see App Settings, tap Bookshelf and then tap the menu button.

To change the authorization, you will first need to deauthorize the device. Note that changing the authorization will impact any titles your currently have checked out.

How to manage the devices in your OverDrive account

If you are using OverDrive (v3.x) with an OverDrive account (not an Adobe ID) and you are having trouble with using multiple devices or getting the error message "This title has been downloaded using a different account. Authorize this app with the same OverDrive account (or Adobe ID) you originally used to download the title", you need to make sure you are using the same OverDrive account, library card, or Adobe ID on all of the devices that you are using to download eBooks.

Check the authorization of each device following the steps above. Additionally, you can view and manage the devices that are authorized with your OverDrive account by signing in to your OverDrive account at From your OverDrive (v3.x) app, tap the menu icon in the upper left corner to reveal the menu, then select Account and SIGN IN. Alternately, you may use a web browser to go to and click on SIGN IN. If you need to create an OverDrive account, click on SIGN UP.

Manage Your OverDrive Devices

What Version of OverDrive App Do You Have

How you navigate to your settings is a clue to the version of the OverDrive app you have installed. You can verify the app version by tapping the menu icon and then About (v 3.0+), or tap the menu button, then More Options, then About Media Console (v 2.x).

System Requirements for OD 3.2+ (and hence the OD account)

Android 4.0 or higher
You can install the legacy version of the OverDrive app on Android devices running Android 2.2 or higher from, but this version isn't compatible with OverDrive accounts.
iOS 6.0 or higher
Owners of older devices may be able to install a legacy version of the app from the App Store or possibly recover the app from your iTunes library.
Windows 8+, Windows RT, Windows Phone, Chromebook
These versions all use the OverDrive account for authorization.