Board Members

  • Kim Meyer, President
  • Jennifer Heiter, Vice President
  • Cynthia McKenzie, Treasurer
  • Joyce Graybill, Secretary
  • Trevor Mikel
  • Carol Somsel
  • Brad Yoder

Library Director

  • Chris Scandling

Head of Library Services

  • Terrie Bickel

Adult Team

  • Holly Heller, Head of Adult Services and Communication
  • Lisa Bixel, Adult Services Assistant
  • Sonia Hernandez, Adult Services Assistant
  • Courtney Dobrzykowski, Adult Services Assistant
  • Darla Kiefer, Adult Services Assistant, Page

Children's Team

  • Kate Blakely, Head of Children's Services
  • Cindy Hartman, Children's Services Assistant
  • Violet Gunter, Children's Services Assistant
  • Alex Stealy, Children's Services Assistant
  • Selicia Lacher, Page

Support Staff

  • Ann Hochstetler, Support Services
  • Thad Hochstetler, Support Services
  • Brooke Lacher, Support Services