Board Members

  • Trevor Mikel
  • Kim Meyer
  • Jennifer Heiter
  • Joyce Graybill
  • Carol Somsel
  • Cynthia McKenzie

Bremen Public Library's Board of Trustees consists of volunteers who bring professional expertise to determine and manage library policies and operations. One member is appointed by each of the following agencies: the Bremen Public School Board, the German Township Advisory Board, the Bremen Town Council, the Marshall County Council and the Marshall County Commissioners. Regular meetings of the library board are held the last Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in the library's meeting room. These meetings are open to the public.

Staff Members

  • Library Director: Christopher Scandling
  • Children's Librarian: Kelsey McLane
  • Support Services Coordinator: Terrie Bickel
  • Head of Communication and Adult Services: Holly Heller
  • Circulation: Lisa Bixel
  • Cataloging: Melissa Nunez
  • Children's: Cindy Hartman
  • Children's: Violet Gunter
  • Circulation: Claire Bickel
  • Tech Services: Sonia Hernandez
  • Circulation: Laura Pratt
  • Custodian: Ann Hochstetler
  • Custodian: Jessica Lacher
  • Page: Selicia Lacher
  • Page: Darla Kiefer
  • Lawn Care: Logan Heller