Our Mission

We link our community to the world: past, present and future.

Our Values

  • Patron Focused
    • We strive to meet or exceed patron expectations by providing friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and prompt service in a welcoming environment.
  • Diverse Collection
    • We take pride in providing a broad assortment of informational, educational, recreational and technological resources in an increasingly wide array of formats and access points.
  • Progressive
    • We enhance our community by continually offering up-to-date and exciting materials, services, programs and cutting edge technology.
  • Lifelong Learning and Literacy
    • We support opportunities for patrons of all ages, abilities and ethnicities to learn and grow throughout their lives; inspiring people to grow and learn intellectually, emotionally and culturally.
  • Vital Community Center
    • We enrich our community by providing a well maintained, accessible, multi-use facility, where residents can meet, share ideas and be entertained, educated and informed.
  • Staff
    • We value our staff members and treat them with respect by recognizing that to be most effective, every employee must feel empowered to participate, communicate and innovate.